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Summer Sunglasses Trends 2016

Posted On 12 July 2016

Summer Trends

Sunglasses are an essential part of every holiday wardrobe. Not only are they the coolest fashion accessory out there, they’re also extremely important for protecting your eyes from the sun’s UV rays.

If your sunglasses are looking a bit outdated, or you fancy a new look this summer, you can find all of the most up-to-the-minute trends in sunglasses here at

We’ve looked to the catwalks and celebrity fashionistas from around the world to help us bring you our top 4 men’s and women’s sunglasses trends of Spring/Summer 2016.

Women’s Sunglasses Trends


The more oversized the sunglasses are the more glamour they seem to exude, and you don’t get much bigger than these women’s Vera Wang VW209 sunglasses! The huge, tall, rectangular lenses are not only right on-trend; they also provide fantastic protection from the sun.



Circular sunglasses in all different shapes and sizes are hugely popular this summer. These Lipsy Sun 41 sunglasses combine both circular and over-sized lenses to create a cool contemporary take on a classic retro look.

Lipsy 41

Muted Colours

Sunglasses in calming muted shades of cream, beige, pale blue and powdery pink have been very popular in the fashion world so far this year. These naturally calming shades create a pretty and laidback vibe perfect for long summer days in the garden or on the beach. These Lipsy Sun 31 sunglasses combine circular lenses with plastic nude frames.

Lipsy 31


Cat-eye shaped sunglasses were all the rage in the 50s and 60s and the feminine, retro shape has made a significant comeback recently. These women’s Brink Sun 8 prescription sunglasses have a perfect feline shape and are available in black or red tortoiseshell. 

Brink 8

Men’s Sunglasses Trends


Tortoiseshell sunglasses are timeless. First made popular in the 50s and then recently revived as ‘retro’, tortoiseshell eyewear has made it back into the mainstream and is now one of the most popular colour choices. Favoured by the more hipster and creative types, tortoiseshell frames can easily be dressed up or down for a fashionable look.

These men’s Brink Sun 11 sunglasses combine popular wayfarer frames with laidback tortoiseshell.

Brink 11


Aviator sunglasses have been popular for decades now, and there’s no sign of them going out of fashion any time soon! First designed for pilots, aviators usually have dark and often reflective lenses. The original aviators were created by Bausch & Lomb, and later by Ray-Ban. It’s now possible to find aviator style sunglasses from a huge variety of different eyewear brands in all different shapes, sizes and materials. These Dunlop Sun 31 sunglasses for men are true to the classic aviator style and a bargain at just £30.

Dunlop 31

Bright Colours

Sunglasses in bright and cheerful shades like these Erika 4171 sunglasses by Ray-Ban make a bold statement and stand out during summer parties and beach breaks. Vivid shades like these electric blue Ray-Bans look great in the sunshine and instantly add character to any outfit.


Bold Brow-Line

Like many of this year’s trends, brow-line glasses were first popular during the 50s and 60s and the style has recently been revived and become popular along with the rise in popularity of retro fashion. These Brink Sun 9 prescription sunglasses are a perfect mimic of the stylish Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.

Brink sun 9

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