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Tesco Opticians' Back to School Checklist

Posted On 23 August 2016

 Back to school checklist

With the new school term now looming ever-closer on the horizon, it’s time to start preparing the kids for the inevitable return to reality.

Whether you’re rejoicing or lamenting at the prospect of sending the kids back to school in September, getting organised now is the key to a smooth start to the new term.

Tick off the eight tasks featured in this blog as you complete them over the next couple of weeks to make starting back at school as easy as ABC for both you and the kids!

Stationery and textbooks

back to school

A new school term can only mean one thing... new stationery! Kids love picking out new pens, pencils, highlighters and pencil cases, but don’t forget the less exciting items like a compass, set square and pad of lined paper.

Older children will usually be given a book list either before or during the summer holidays. If you’re organised and have started looking far enough in advance then there are plenty of places online where you can save money on school textbooks or buy them second hand.

Children’s eye tests

A lot of a young child’s development is done through visual learning at school, home, and during play with other children, so clear eyesight is very important. Older children will find that a lot of their classroom learning is done on whiteboards, projectors and even tablets, so being able to see both distance and close up clearly is essential at school.

Book your kids in for a free (NHS funded) children’s eye test at your local Tesco Opticians by giving us a call on 0345 601 3479 to make sure that their eyesight is as good as it can be, ready for their first day back at school.

School uniform

Last term’s uniform is probably in tatters and at least one size too small by now, so it’s time for the annual stockpiling of white polo shirts and black tights. Sweaters and blazers may need to be bought directly from your child’s school but all the basics can be purchased elsewhere at affordable prices. Tesco Direct schoolwear starts from just £2.50!

Don’t forget to either write your child’s name in their sweater or blazer or sew in name tags to make sure they don’t get lost a couple of days into the new term!

Kid’s eyewear

 kid's school glasses

Buying new school uniforms can be pretty boring, but choosing new eyewear is a completely different kettle of fish! New glasses are one school wear accessory that kids can have a bit of fun with and choose a style and colour that suits their personality.

Children aged under 18 will need to visit one of our Tesco Opticians to try on and order glasses so that they can be properly fitted by one of our expert staff. View our kids' Ice Age glasses, Snoopy glasses or teen's glasses online and then visit us in-store to see our full range and to place an order.

Plan for the school commute

Whether your kids will be making their very first solo commute to school this year, or have started a new school in a new area, it’s important to plan their commute carefully to make the start of their first day stress-free. Make sure kids are familiar with the route they’ll be taking and any public transport they’ll be using, if needs be go for a trial run before the big day!

Find out whether they’re eligible for any discount on public transport if they’ll be using it and sort out any travel cards or passes before they start back.

Lunchbox and book bag

kid's school lunch

Children on the school commute are often laden with lunch boxes, musical instruments, art folders and stacks of books, so make sure that they have comfortable bags and boxes in which to carry their immense load to and fro from school! 

Packed lunch ideas

If your kids take packed lunches to school now is a great time to start experimenting with new food ideas to make packing lunches in a morning as quick and painless as possible.

The Tesco website has some great kid’s lunchbox recipe ideas if you’re looking for healthy and filling lunch ideas for the new school year.

Reinforce bedtime routine

With long, light, summer evenings and laid back mornings, the school holidays can cause kids to fall out of their usual term time routines. Reinforcing regular bedtime and wake up times in the run up to September can help to get them back into a routine to avoid sore, tired, red eyes on the first day back at school


Need to book a child’s eye test in preparation for the new school year? Find your local Tesco Opticians store and then give us a call on 0345 601 3479.




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