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Timeless style with limited edition Kangol 75th Aniversary prescription glasses!

Posted On 11 December 2013

Kangol is 75 years old and has limited edition prescription glasses to celebrate! 

Kangol has become famous all over the world thanks to its hats. For decades now, some of the world’s most famous celebrities have been seen wearing and promoting Kangol hats, including The Beatles, LL Cool J and Samuel L Jackson.

We’ve taken a look back across the last seventy-five years and have some fantastic Kangol facts to share!

Did you know?
The founder combined the ‘K’ from knitting, the ‘ANG’ from angora and the ‘OL’ from wool to create what we now know as Kangol.

That’s amazing!
Kangol sponsored the English Olympic team of 1948, which propelled their status as headwear manufacturers.

I never knew that!
Princess Diana was pictured wearing Kangol headwear in Vogue Magazine back in 1983.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Kangol, has launched two limited edition pairs of prescription glasses for customers named after their most famous headwear styles.
Kangol Baseball 75th Anniversary Prescription Glasses
The 'Baseball' frame delivers an iconic cult status, geek-chic look with its heavy plastic front. The Union Jack has been expertly sculpted within the metal sides, paying homage to Kangol’s roots.

 Kangol Beret 75th Anniversary Prescription Glasses
The 'Beret' prescription glasses frame takes a step back in time and delivers the essence of 1950’s nostalgia with its feminine cat-eye shape and upswept curves, available in two gorgeous autumnal colours.

Plus, for a limited time only, every customer who buys a pair of Kangol prescription glasses both in store and online from Tesco Opticians will receive a limited edition Kangol 75th anniversary glasses case and cleaning cloth.

 Kangol 75th cloth and case
Fashionable frames that transcend the boundaries of style, age and gender; Kangol prescription glasses are available for men and women from Tesco Opticians.

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