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Wearing contact lenses can give you a sporting chance...

Posted On 21 May 2012

As the sporting excitement for Euro 2012, Wimbledon and the London Olympics is cooling down, we look at how wearing glasses can really dictate which sports you play. After all when was the last time you saw a boxer in the ring, gymnast in the gym, or footballer on the pitch in specs? Contact lenses are a great solution and not just for the obvious safety reasons.

The British Contact Lens Association suggests several benefits to wearing contact lenses for sports. You need to consider the visual requirements of the sport you’re wishing to play, for example you will still require sunglasses for skiing or goggles for swimming, but contact lenses could make a real difference.

So with all the sporting events lined up over the summer, how could contact lenses help athletes?

Wider field of vision: Contact lenses give you an all round field of vision, free from frames and lenses. Beneficial to footballers, hockey players and the like, this could be quite advantageous for those cross-court winners during Wimbledon.

No fogging up with rain: If you’re playing sport in Britain the chances are it’ll be raining at some stage. Although we have our fingers crossed for a drier summer this year, we have come to expect a few rain interludes at Wimbledon, and it’s not exactly convenient to have to wipe down your glasses in the middle of a long rally. 

Less susceptible to dirt: Again, the glorious British weather tends to bring with it an abundance of mud on the playing field, so keeping your vision clear is a massive bonus!

Fewer reflections: Reflections on your glasses lenses can seriously inhibit your abilities, but this is significantly reduced with contact lenses.

Cheap and disposable: Damaging your glasses can be costly and let’s face it; they’re probably not going to get through a boxing match in one piece!

Professional tennis players seem to have taken this advice on board, with the likes of Novak Djokovic and Justine Henin openly talking about wearing contacts during matches, and being extremely successdful. Many Olympians have also talked about using contacts in the past with Linford Christie and Jonathan Edwards being just two.

If the thought of changing permanently to contact lenses isn’t for you, there are contact lens options you can use just for sports or one off occasions, meaning you don’t have to ditch the glasses frames completely. Daily disposable lenses are perfect for just that – 12hr contacts which are thrown away after use.  

So don’t let your eyesight inhibit your success in sport. There are lots of options surrounding contact lenses and the different types available, so make sure you carefully consider what you need them for and match the lens to your requirements. 

If you’re new to contact lenses ask your optician about daily disposables at your next appointment, or book a contact lens assessment on 0845 601 3479 to find out more.

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