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Which Sports Eyewear is Right for You?

Posted On 04 August 2016

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If you’ve been inspired to take up tennis, football or athletics this summer, make sure your performance isn’t being compromised by your eyewear!

Sports fans have been royally treated this summer with the Euros, Wimbledon and now the Olympics kicking off this week. Even if you’re not usually a big sports fan, it’s been impossible not to get caught up in the excitement of this summer’s big sporting events.

You don’t need to be the next Gareth Bale or Jennifer Ennis-Hill to enjoy sports; playing sport can be a lot of fun as well as a great way of keeping fit. If you’ve recently been inspired to take up a new sport then you might still be lacking a few kit essentials.

Your sports eyewear is arguably one of the most important parts of your sports kit. After all, how are you supposed to keep your eye on the ball if your glasses keep slipping off?

In this blog we’ll look at the different types of non-prescription and prescription sports glasses available at TescoOpticians.com, so that you can choose which option is right for you and your sport of choice!

Oakley Crosslink Sweep

Oakley Crosslink Sweep

Oakley are the experts when it comes to glasses for sport. Their active frames are both fashionable and functional, allowing them to effortlessly crossover from everyday wear to active wear.

Available in a variety of designs, all Oakley glasses are lightweight, durable and designed to wrap around and stay firmly in place during the rigours of sport.
Our prescription Oakleys are also available as part of our Buy One Get One Free offer**.

Dunlop Sport Sunglasses 04

Dunlop Sports Sunglasses

Dunlop have built their brand on sports and active wear, making them the perfect option for affordable and reliable sports shades.

At TescoOpticians.com we offer non-prescription Dunlop Sports Sunglasses in a range of different styles and colours. Each design is made using lightweight materials and features extra grip to the nose pads and sides to ensure that your sports eyewear stays in place during active pursuits.

F&F 12 Sunglasses

FF Sports Sunglasses

 These F&F 12 sunglasses for active wear are perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. These fashionable, tortoiseshell sunglasses have the same wraparound shape and extra rubber grip behind the ears as far more expensive sports shades, but with a stylish shape and affordable price tag.

Also available in a classic black design. 

Oakley Ski Goggles

Oakley Ski Goggles


If your sport of choice is more suited to colder climates then our Oakley ski goggles could be just what you’re looking for. Available in three different vibrant designs, you’ll look like a pro and stand out against the snow in these exceptionally high quality sports goggles from Oakley.   

Kangol Kids 106 Sunglasses

Kangol Kids 106

For active little ones the Kangol Kids 106 sunglasses priced at just £15 each are perfect for keeping young eyes safe and protected whilst on the go. The wraparound shape of these sports glasses for kids offer maximum protection from the sun’s rays as well as being super durable to sustain rough and tumble play.  

Contact Lenses

Tesco Opticians contact lenses

For ultimate comfort and unobstructed vision whilst playing sports you don’t get much more comfortable and convenient than contact lenses.

Read our blog to find out 5 ways wearing contact lenses for sport could improve your performance

If you’ve not worn contact lenses before then you can book an initial contact lens appointment at your local store using our online booking service, or call us on 0345 601 3479.

 *Price includes standard 1.5 prescription lenses

**To view the full terms and conditions of the buy one get one free offer please click here.



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