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  • 3 easy steps

    to your perfect glasses, pricing made simple


    Step 1

    Choose your frame


    Standard single vision lenses with a tough, scratch-resistant coating are FREE with all frames purchased! 

       From £15  Baseline Frames (free with NHS voucher)  
       From £65   Brink Couture, Brink Collection  
       From £65 Urbn West  
       £90-£95                                  Designer Frames - '54, Kangol, Lipsy and Tokyo Tom  
       £99  Designer Frames -Dunlop, Morgan, Sacred and Truth  
       £125  Designer Frames - CK*, Gant, Guess, Nike, Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, Pierre Cardin and Titanium  
       £140   Designer Frames - Fendi  
       £180   Designer Frames - Ray-Ban  
       FREE*** **Children's Frames - How to Train your Dragom, Jungle Eyes, Mr Peabody & Sherman, Penguins of Madagascar and Home  
       £25*** †Teen's Designer Frames - Kangol Teens, Lipsy Teens and Tokyo Tom Teens  


    Step 2

    Extra lenses options


       FREE  Standard Single Vision Lenses - with all frames purchased  
       From £35***                        Bifocal
       From £65*** ††Varifocals Basics
       From £79***     ††Varifocals Premium
       From £109*** ††Varifocals Elite  
       From £159***  ††Varifocals Made for You - widest reading area  (ideal for first time varifocal wearer)
       From £40   Upgrade to Thin & Lite (1.6 index, thinner than standard lenses with anti-reflection coating included)
       From £60***   Upgrade to Supathin (1.67 index, net thinnest lenses with anti-reflection coating included)  
       From £90***   Upgrade to Ultrathin (1.74 index. thinnest lenses with anti-reflection coating included)  


    Step 3 

    Choose any extras  


       FREE  Scratch-Resistant Tough Coating
       £10   ‡Tints & Colours (when ordered with frames, grey, brown, green and blue tints available)
       £10   ‡Ultra Violet Protection
       £30                           Anti-Reflection Coating (reduces reflection on your lenses, reduces glare from car headlights)
       £30*** Super Drive Tints  
       £49 Photochromic Lenses (react to sunlight, 100% ultra violet protection)
       £49   Polarised Lenses
       From £109*** Drive Vision  


    *Selected stores only. **Free with an NHS voucher or £38.70 without. †£25 with an NHS voucher or £84.00 without. ††1:50 index varifocal lenses with scratch-resistant coating. ‡Ordered together for complete sun protection. *** Not available online.